Every once in a while I regret not living in CA

basically when DH is out of work, you really appreciate living in a blue state with the social safety net programs.

DH lost his job (that he got 60 days ago) on Friday. With it goes our medical insurance. Even there, “our share” of the cost was so high.

So i’ve applied for a few second jobs here around town on weekends. Medical insurance through obamacare is going to run us at least $987 (bad credit payday loans) a month. Which is better than $3000 a month just for medications for DH and DD19, so I’m grateful.

Still, it’s a far cry from $691 on Medi-CAL in California.

Anyway, if I am able to swing a second job (unemployment isn’t easy to get here in Texas I’ve heard), I am hoping I will be able to bring in about $500-800 a month, depending on how many hours I can get. I’m going to try and get work either early in the AM (like 4-8am) at a McDonalds right near work in Dallas so I can just go and keep going) M-F or work Fri-Sun at the McDonalds or something similar here in town (about 50 miles north of Dallas.) I’m really hoping I can find someplace which offers medical insurance for part time employment…so even if I am just working for that, at least it won’t be money out of my pocket.

Even if DH gets work, I think i’m going to keep going with the second job. I’m over the roller coaster.

If anyone knows of larger companies which provide medical insurance for part time employment, I’d love to hear it. State Farm does but you have to go through 14 weeks of mandatory training during regular work hours, so that’s not going to fly and keep my current job.