Dh has been yo-yoing on when exactly to leave work permanently

One day he says tomorrow the next he puts it off for a month. Up until yesterday he had a firm date of July 29, 2016. Just before the May 1 deadline I gave him. Spring is here and it is time to travel. When he left here this morning it was still this Friday, but then he got to work and the HR benefits person is unavailable and there are certain forms that have to be taken care of and questions answered. So sometime between now and the 29th.
Then we will be home for a bit getting the last of the clean-up and packing done before we take off. We may leave in April or May and come back in June for his 50 year high school reunion and my two doctor recheck, or we may wait and leave after those in June. All I know is we are both ready for him to quit work.
After completing our taxes yesterday (another bit of homework done—only $8,100 this year compared to $9,000 last year wheeee) we sat and talked about finances, retirement and repairs to the house. IF we can get all the repairmen to get in gear and IF all my numbers are right then this Friday will be his last day at work. But there are a lot of IFS involved. One of which is when our legal coverage expires after he retires—we still haven’t done the wills, poa (which I can do without a lawyer) or lifetime estate stuff. That’s on the to do list for this next week or so.
So right now it will all depend on how soon we can get everyone moving on those things. I am pushing hard for this Friday, especially since it looks like the company is going to new ownership. Which creates another problem.
Ds had opted to stay with the company because of promises the current owners made, only we all know what happens when a company changes hands. So this morning he had another interview with the company that wanted him to start today and they are suppose to let him know later today about the job. They are a little iffy because he had turned them down. He made it clear to them today that if they say yes he will definitely be moving to them, immediately. So he’s hanging close to his phone today.
The guys current employer has let 10 people go in the last two months and every one of them had been putting applications in elsewhere because of the politics going on at work. So ds figures he’ll get the axe soon, and wants to get ahead of the game.
We finally got a firm bid and contract on the two roofs we need replaced, let’s just say OUCH! But we are putting a lifetime shingles and a new vent system on the main house this time instead of the cheap, get us by shingles.
The furnace repair people are coming at 9:30 am tomorrow to give us an estimate on it.
On the fun front we have finished the adoption process on two black lab mix pups. Griffin, that you already knew about, he’s almost a year old now. Saturday we brought home his little sister, a 3-4 month old named Jasmine. Griff and Jazzy play non-stop all day long. It’s a good thing she’s a stout little girl because he rolls her around like a ball playing with her.
She’s smart as can be. As soon as their introductions were over they started playing with him racing around and around our pick-up. It took her about two seconds to figure out he was too tall to get under the truck so she would cut under it and get him from behind. It was hilarious.
Of course there is a little bit of jealousy and battling to figure out who is alpha (she’s a little food aggressive we are working on that) but so far no fights, just play wrestling.
Dh and I went to AAA verified the fifth wheel is covered in the lower 48 and Alaska with a big towing package—just in case. While there we picked up some travel info for what we were planning at that date to be our first trip, but now we may do it slightly different and will need more tour books. Oh well, they are free and we will use them eventually.
Oh on the insurance front we also set up our medicare supplemental this last week. We still need to get our part D insurance, dh is working on that today since they are quite literally out of jobs to work on at work right now. Rumors of more layoffs are circling.
We got the repairs done to the pick-up , mainly cosmetic nothing wrong with the truck except the tires need rotated and that is on the schedule for this next week. Oil change has been done so once the tires are rotated the truck is ready to hit the road.
We have been working on re-organizing the trailer and preparing to de-winterize it. Dh started to do it when we were in the 80’s a couple of weeks ago. Thank goodness he didn’t because it got below freezing here last night.
We’ve pretty well purchased all the items we want/need for our travels. Still need swim suits (hey those people will never see us again so we might as well swim and have a good time), a wi-fi hot spot (maybe), and a full trailer surge protector. Then we are done, I think. Oh yeah, cameras too.
As far as groceries for the camper goes I stocked up on a recent 20% off sale at Honeyville on the dried foods we like. I purchased enough to last us a long time. It’s sitting here waiting to go into the camper, probably this weekend.
I’ve also been working on my basic Master Mixes to get them ready to pack as well as leave some here for ds. I still need to print out the cookbook of ds’ favorite foods for him, but at least I have finally purchased the ink cartridge to do so. Most of the recipes are already entered.
I’m certain there is a lot more we’ve done, because we have been so busy but I simply can’t remember it right now. Travel is looming very, very close and we are getting very excited.