Your thoughts on the situation?

You all know that the guys work for a very good company and both like it there, although dh will be retiring shortly. Now ds has a dilemma,
A head hunter contacted him and on a lark he applied for the job. The offered it to him almost immediately at an additional $5 per hour and a promotion in rank. He knows 3 people there, so that is a plus. However, his pto would cut down to ¼ of what it is currently, there would be a 30 day delay on his medical insurance and other benefits, it’s further to drive (about 10 minutes during non rush hour and is in a HEAVY traffic area, plus it could involve turnpike fees) and of course he would lose all seniority.
He accepted the job yesterday verably, but has not signed any paperwork. He also turned in his resignation at the current job. Today they came to him saying they didn’t want him to leave, that he was an important part of the company, but they couldn’t counter offer because that would set a president. (only we know of 2 times they have done that). They’ve came back to him three times so far today asking him to not leave. Each time he has told them he did not go looking for this job, it came looking for him and he really likes working for them, but the $5 an hour pay raise is a huge consideration.
Privately, he has told dh and myself that if they would offer him even a partial counter offer he would really consider it. But if they don’t..well he’s all at sixes and sevens.