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If your monthly pay check is running out before the month is over, you might find yourself in a situation where it is impossible to pay your bills. If you need money fast, you should look to find emergency overnight payday loans.

overnight online payday loansWhat a payday loan basically does is it moves your paycheck up so you can use it right away. There are many internet companies that can do this for you immediately. If you go online you will be able to find a company that will instantly put funds into your account. You will have to fill out an online form that will ask you for a lot of information, like your bank account number and possibly your social security number. Once they receive your information you will get your loan. Most companies wont even require a credit check.

If you need cast fast there are many emergency overnight payday loans available. But you need to be careful with a loan too or else they can further put you into debt. If you take out an payday loan there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

If you want to keep the cost of your loan down you should try to keep the amount of your loan down. The smaller the loan (up to 1000 dollars), the smaller your payment. Take out enough money to pay your bills and nothing else. Taking out a large amount of money will increase the chances that you wont be able to pay it back. Also, you should try to limit the time of your loan. The quicker that you can pay your loan back the less that it will cost. Try to take your loan out as close as you can to your next paycheck. As soon as you get your check, pay back your loan.

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Many people are finding themselves in hard times. Bills keep building up and it is becoming harder and harder to get them paid. You have cut costs where you can, maybe you’ve even gotten a second job, but still, it may not be enough. If your paycheck isn’t covering you for the entire month you still have options. The most common is by getting a payday loan. Payday loans used to be difficult to obtain. But now, you can get an easy no fax payday loan easily if you know where to look.
no fax payday loan
It is becoming ore and more common for people to ask for payday loans. It is also becoming common for companies who offer pay day loans to offer easy no fax payday loans. These companies will also typically get you a loan without a credit check. If you search on the internet for payday loan companies, you will find page after page of companies that are willing to help you. You need to shop around to find a cheap loan company that is also convenient.

Most online loan companies will offer a fax free form. All you have to do is fill out the form with your information. Most loan companies will require a bank account number for a direct deposit. Just fill out the form and within a day, the funds will be deposited into your account.

An easy no fax payday loan is becoming a common thing with internet loan companies. These companies are almost always legitimate but you should still keep an eye out for scams. Try to use companies that you trust, or have heard good things about. You should also try to limit the amount of money you decide to have loaned. Remember what ever you take out, you’ll have to place back. So be smart about your loans.

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Our today’s life is extremely fast, and it becomes faster and faster. We try to manage more and more things in one day, and that’s why require more proficient services to be around. In this fast life many things can happen, and we often face the situations when we need money rather urgently. A computer breakdown? An extra money to be paid for electricity? An unexpected trip? The list of matters we need money for is endless.
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One may ask what makes a payday loan different from a bank credit. There are many things which make any type of payday loan more convenient for the customer. Fast approval, not very high fees, different re-payment options are the most particular features of the loans called payday. The speed of money provision is especially felt with the on-line applications, when the money is transferred to your account in minutes after you have applied for a loan. All you have to do is to fill in the application and wait for the money to arrive .
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Every once in a while I regret not living in CA

basically when DH is out of work, you really appreciate living in a blue state with the social safety net programs.

DH lost his job (that he got 60 days ago) on Friday. With it goes our medical insurance. Even there, “our share” of the cost was so high.

So i’ve applied for a few second jobs here around town on weekends. Medical insurance through obamacare is going to run us at least $987 (bad credit payday loans) a month. Which is better than $3000 a month just for medications for DH and DD19, so I’m grateful.

Still, it’s a far cry from $691 on Medi-CAL in California.

Anyway, if I am able to swing a second job (unemployment isn’t easy to get here in Texas I’ve heard), I am hoping I will be able to bring in about $500-800 a month, depending on how many hours I can get. I’m going to try and get work either early in the AM (like 4-8am) at a McDonalds right near work in Dallas so I can just go and keep going) M-F or work Fri-Sun at the McDonalds or something similar here in town (about 50 miles north of Dallas.) I’m really hoping I can find someplace which offers medical insurance for part time employment…so even if I am just working for that, at least it won’t be money out of my pocket.

Even if DH gets work, I think i’m going to keep going with the second job. I’m over the roller coaster.

If anyone knows of larger companies which provide medical insurance for part time employment, I’d love to hear it. State Farm does but you have to go through 14 weeks of mandatory training during regular work hours, so that’s not going to fly and keep my current job.

I saw that thing about putting back money each week

Sounds like an easy way for non-savers to get started. Or it can be an easy way to save for a specific purchase down the road. Kind of reminds me of Christmas savings clubs, and so on. I may try this myself. I am always needed a little bit here or there for something that comes up but is hard to budget for. Like for dh’s birthday gift or an anniversary gift. I don’t know dh to know about it but don’t want to skip on a gift either.

Each month we seem to get all the numbers down on paper and have a little bit leftover to put “somewhere”. Usually is is $100 or less. I may just take this bonus money and do this. I “scratched out” bonus because it’s not really bonus. It is just regular income that is not yet accounted for.

This month I took that $$ and put it in an envelope. I don’t really like the category “miscellaneous.” Not sure what to call it.

Oh, I just thought about something related to expenses that come up that are irregular. We have hurricane season down here and people really need a “hurricane evacuation” line item in their budget. Even if they don’t have to evacuate, they need extra money for having to go buy ice, bottled water (usually gallon size), canned goods, and so on in the event they lose electricity and gas and do not have a generator. We do not have a generator but we do have a place to evacuate to that is free lodging, my dfil. However we do help out with groceries, gas for vehicles, electricity and so on. Last time we evacuated we probably spent $300-400+ on helping with those items over about 2 weeks. It was just dd and me there. Expenses for evacuation can quickly run up to $2000 if you have to get a hotel room and buy food while evacuated. I want to start a fund for that. My new little savings plan can go for that. Yay! Something new to work on and tweak! Of course I’ll get with dh and we will work out the details on how big that fund needs to be realistically.

Since January 1, 2017 we have been eating at home out of the pantries and freezers

So far so good. We have only purchased milk and pet food so far this year. This is a huge money saver for us. Money we are first putting back for taxes and then we’ll be applying it all to the small fifth wheel loan we took out to get rid of it so dh can retire.
This year I also decided to do the where you put back $1 for the #of the week a year so week 1 is $1 and week 52 is $52. Only I’m doing it with a bit of a twist. I started backwards because right now our income is about twice what it will be by the end of the year. So I started with week 52 and am working my way down. Only of course I can never do anything the normal way. I am doing round-ups. So weeks 51 and 52 got $55 each. Weeks 46 to 50 will get $50 each and so forth. It will result in a slightly higher amount than the challenge says and will make very little difference in our monthly budget.
I’m back to blogging finally (see post address below) a penny here, a penny there it all adds up.
So that is pretty much it for right now. I am looking foreward to see how the rest of you did.

Your thoughts on the situation?

You all know that the guys work for a very good company and both like it there, although dh will be retiring shortly. Now ds has a dilemma,
A head hunter contacted him and on a lark he applied for the job. The offered it to him almost immediately at an additional $5 per hour and a promotion in rank. He knows 3 people there, so that is a plus. However, his pto would cut down to ¼ of what it is currently, there would be a 30 day delay on his medical insurance and other benefits, it’s further to drive (about 10 minutes during non rush hour and is in a HEAVY traffic area, plus it could involve turnpike fees) and of course he would lose all seniority.
He accepted the job yesterday verably, but has not signed any paperwork. He also turned in his resignation at the current job. Today they came to him saying they didn’t want him to leave, that he was an important part of the company, but they couldn’t counter offer because that would set a president. (only we know of 2 times they have done that). They’ve came back to him three times so far today asking him to not leave. Each time he has told them he did not go looking for this job, it came looking for him and he really likes working for them, but the $5 an hour pay raise is a huge consideration.
Privately, he has told dh and myself that if they would offer him even a partial counter offer he would really consider it. But if they don’t..well he’s all at sixes and sevens.

Dh has been yo-yoing on when exactly to leave work permanently

One day he says tomorrow the next he puts it off for a month. Up until yesterday he had a firm date of July 29, 2016. Just before the May 1 deadline I gave him. Spring is here and it is time to travel. When he left here this morning it was still this Friday, but then he got to work and the HR benefits person is unavailable and there are certain forms that have to be taken care of and questions answered. So sometime between now and the 29th.
Then we will be home for a bit getting the last of the clean-up and packing done before we take off. We may leave in April or May and come back in June for his 50 year high school reunion and my two doctor recheck, or we may wait and leave after those in June. All I know is we are both ready for him to quit work.
After completing our taxes yesterday (another bit of homework done—only $8,100 this year compared to $9,000 last year wheeee) we sat and talked about finances, retirement and repairs to the house. IF we can get all the repairmen to get in gear and IF all my numbers are right then this Friday will be his last day at work. But there are a lot of IFS involved. One of which is when our legal coverage expires after he retires—we still haven’t done the wills, poa (which I can do without a lawyer) or lifetime estate stuff. That’s on the to do list for this next week or so.
So right now it will all depend on how soon we can get everyone moving on those things. I am pushing hard for this Friday, especially since it looks like the company is going to new ownership. Which creates another problem.
Ds had opted to stay with the company because of promises the current owners made, only we all know what happens when a company changes hands. So this morning he had another interview with the company that wanted him to start today and they are suppose to let him know later today about the job. They are a little iffy because he had turned them down. He made it clear to them today that if they say yes he will definitely be moving to them, immediately. So he’s hanging close to his phone today.
The guys current employer has let 10 people go in the last two months and every one of them had been putting applications in elsewhere because of the politics going on at work. So ds figures he’ll get the axe soon, and wants to get ahead of the game.
We finally got a firm bid and contract on the two roofs we need replaced, let’s just say OUCH! But we are putting a lifetime shingles and a new vent system on the main house this time instead of the cheap, get us by shingles.
The furnace repair people are coming at 9:30 am tomorrow to give us an estimate on it.
On the fun front we have finished the adoption process on two black lab mix pups. Griffin, that you already knew about, he’s almost a year old now. Saturday we brought home his little sister, a 3-4 month old named Jasmine. Griff and Jazzy play non-stop all day long. It’s a good thing she’s a stout little girl because he rolls her around like a ball playing with her.
She’s smart as can be. As soon as their introductions were over they started playing with him racing around and around our pick-up. It took her about two seconds to figure out he was too tall to get under the truck so she would cut under it and get him from behind. It was hilarious.
Of course there is a little bit of jealousy and battling to figure out who is alpha (she’s a little food aggressive we are working on that) but so far no fights, just play wrestling.
Dh and I went to AAA verified the fifth wheel is covered in the lower 48 and Alaska with a big towing package—just in case. While there we picked up some travel info for what we were planning at that date to be our first trip, but now we may do it slightly different and will need more tour books. Oh well, they are free and we will use them eventually.
Oh on the insurance front we also set up our medicare supplemental this last week. We still need to get our part D insurance, dh is working on that today since they are quite literally out of jobs to work on at work right now. Rumors of more layoffs are circling.
We got the repairs done to the pick-up , mainly cosmetic nothing wrong with the truck except the tires need rotated and that is on the schedule for this next week. Oil change has been done so once the tires are rotated the truck is ready to hit the road.
We have been working on re-organizing the trailer and preparing to de-winterize it. Dh started to do it when we were in the 80’s a couple of weeks ago. Thank goodness he didn’t because it got below freezing here last night.
We’ve pretty well purchased all the items we want/need for our travels. Still need swim suits (hey those people will never see us again so we might as well swim and have a good time), a wi-fi hot spot (maybe), and a full trailer surge protector. Then we are done, I think. Oh yeah, cameras too.
As far as groceries for the camper goes I stocked up on a recent 20% off sale at Honeyville on the dried foods we like. I purchased enough to last us a long time. It’s sitting here waiting to go into the camper, probably this weekend.
I’ve also been working on my basic Master Mixes to get them ready to pack as well as leave some here for ds. I still need to print out the cookbook of ds’ favorite foods for him, but at least I have finally purchased the ink cartridge to do so. Most of the recipes are already entered.
I’m certain there is a lot more we’ve done, because we have been so busy but I simply can’t remember it right now. Travel is looming very, very close and we are getting very excited.

Who would have thought I would be happy about a repair bill

Well I am. We thought our 30 year old furnace was a goner when it quit in December. I finally decided to bite the bullet and have it checked out. Glad I did. Now even stranger I am happy with the cost of under $500. Even better, the repairman said it was definitely due to the lightening in the storm that the furnace stopped in. I’ve paid the bill, but MAY be getting money back from Farm Bureau.